Katy Wolves at Lakewolf

Early 1960's ( Beaver Watching )

Wolf Hybrids
This page and Picture are dedicated to providing you with a glimpse of Katy Wolves.

This woman named Kate had a pair of Wolf Hybrids at Summit Lake, we nickname the lake, lakewolf because the wolf dog was in the water at the edge of the lake and in our opinion they look like a wolf, but acts like a dog and they rarely bark just like their ancestry.

The only wild wolf in West Virginia that I know about is the timber wolf at the West Virginia State Wildlife Center in French Creek. The timber wolf roams freely on 300 acres with bison ,elk and a mountain lion, coyote and a wild boar.....

Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Mexican Wolf Recovery Program

Gray Wolf Recovery Status ReportsGray Wolf Recovery Status Reports

Here are a few websites nearest Summit Lake

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